Glad you made it to my website. I’m from Old Hickory, TN and currently reside in Los Angeles. My father is a former clown turned world class magician and I have followed in his footsteps in the entertainment business. Listen. I’m not here to talk about how I have had my own Comedy Central Presents or that I have appeared four times on Conan and recently on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Did I go on Jimmy Fallon’s Clean Cut Comedy Tour? Yes. You already knew that though! Who cares that I performed at Bonnaroo in 2010. Of course I have appeared on CMT multiple times and I do remember winning New York’s Comedy Festival and the Boston Comedy Festival in the same year. I loved every moment. Yes, I wrote for the Spike TV Video Game Awards, but who hasn’t? Really loved performing for the troops in Iraq and Kuwait five times. I was mentioned in Rolling Stone Magazine by Marc Maron as a “comic who should be big” and in Esquire by Jim Gaffigan as one of the top up and coming comics. My first album “Yelled at by a Clown” made it onto the Billboard Top Ten Comedy Charts for two weeks. Get it HERE. But hey

this isn’t all about me.